The Gripping New Drama That Also Teaches You Medicine


Hunted by unknown enemies, four doctors are forced to solve life or death medical puzzles under the leadership of the enigmatic Dr Tseng. A gripping new medical drama, No Second Chances contains professionally validated medical scenarios. Learn medicine and be entertained with a high stakes drama based on the novel by American medical educator and YouTube personality J. T. Madicus



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Daniel Mavrov

Dr Tseng

Daniel Mavrov is a Czech actor who has appeared in several Czech and International TV series and films. His credits include Blue Code, Specialiste, World on Fire, Whisper Naked Shadow and a recurring role in the hit web series Lajna 2. Having been coached by actors and creators of worldwide renown, including Brian Caspe (Hellboy, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol) and Casting Director David Stejskal (Lore, Carnival Row, Whiskey Cavalier,) Daniel brings a wealth of cinematic knowledge to the production of No Second Chances.

Ilona Janyst avatar

Ilona Janyst

Dr Liz

Ilona Janyst is a Polish actress and a graduate of the Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts. After a stage debut at the Wrocław Comedy Theatre in 2014, IIona was cast as Kate in the Polish TV series, Przyjaciółki, a character she portrayed for five seasons. Ilona is also known for her role as Aneta, the evil femme fatale in the telenovela, M Jak Miłość, and Sandra in W Rytmie Serca. Although frequently cast as a villain, Ilona is in fact funny, cheerful and a delight to work with.

Pawel Sakowski avatar

Paweł Sakowski


Pawel Sakowski is a Polish film and theatre actor who has appeared in a number of Polish and international TV series, films, music videos and as a voice actor in video games. He recently appeared in the 8th season of HBO’s Game of Thrones, where he played the role of Lord Hornwood. His other credits include the short film The Collector (2014), directed by Dimitris Argyriou, the popular Polish TV series Przyjaciółki, and the narration of the video game Crossroads Inn.

Otto Sinclar avatar

Otto Sinclair

Dr Greg

Born in Panama, Otto Sinclair began an apprenticeship program at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Panama City in the year 2000. In 2013, he began acting with an experimental theater group under the guidance of  Argentinian director Nadina Acosta. In 2014 and 2015 he performed in “La Danza del Mono” (The Monkey Dance). He is currently based in Poznan, Poland, where he continues to pursue his passion for acting, painting and baking.

Tereza Simova avatar

Tereza Simova


Tereza Simova is a Czech actress and model. She has recently returned to Europe from the United States, where she worked as a promotional model for several major brands including Bacardi, La Croix, Tequila, L ́Oreal, Heineken, and MTV.

Alexander Nabiulin avatar

Alexander Nabiulin

Dr Chris

Alexander Nabiulin is a Russian-born actor and data specialist who has lived in Poland since 2010. A graduate of Poznan’s Adam Mickiewicz University with a degree in Polish Linguistics, Alexander has been an active member of local acting groups including NewBeezzz and Shutnik.

Alexander Machin-Płotkowiak avatar

Alexander Machin Płotkowiak


Alexander Machin Płotkowiak a Cuban born performer who now lives in Poznan. He is a graduate of the Karol Kurpiński Music School, and has been involved in several theatre groups such as Skradzionych Krzeseł and Albo Albo. He is currently is a member of the acrobatic theatre Z głową w chmurach.

Karina Michewicz avatar

Karina Michewicz


Karina is a Polish actress with a passion for all facets of the performing arts including song and dance. A graduate of the Poznan Academy for the Performing arts, the Tczew born actor has performed in several theatre and cinematic productions including Paria at the Poznan Opera (directed by Graham Vick) and the film Cza-Cza (directed by Arek Ratajczak). Alongside No Second Chances, her next role will be as part of the traveling theatre Bulle.

Igor Rybakowski avatar

Igor Rybakowski


Igor Rybakowski is a Polish actor, student and flash programmer. With a passion for the cultural life of his hometown, Poznan, Igor regularly participates in local productions and performances often as a light operator and VJ. When he is not acting, Igor is a voracious reader and is developing a portfolio as a writer.

Marcelina Bożek avatar

Marcelina Bożek


Marcelina is a Polish actress who has been studied and taught acting and performance across Europe including at the Poznan Academy of Performing Arts, The Berlin Physical Theatre Course, and the Nordic Black Theatre in Oslo. As an actress Mercelina has appeared in films, music videos and television commercials, and performed on stage in productions such as “War Games” and “Out of Balance.” She joins No Second Chances in the role of Kristina, a character that at first seems minor but later takes on significance as a major driver of the plot.



Filming is complete! Congratulations to our amazing cast and crew. The footage is currently in post-production and we will be leaking clips to our followers and subscribers soon.


J.T. Madicus

Producer, Showrunner, Lead writer

J. T. Madicus an American author, entrepreneur, and medical educator, known worldwide for his “Future Doc House” YouTube channel where he demystifies complicated medical subjects such as microbiology in entertaining videos viewed by thousands of medical students every month. He is the author of Final Diagnosis – No Second Chances, the novel that serves as the inspiration for this TV series.

Gabriel Rodak


Gabriel Rodak is as a Polish visual artist and illustrator whose work has been exhibited across Europe. Educated in Spain with clients around the world, his previous projects include illustrating the books “Viaje de Ivan,” “La Búsqueda” & “No Second Chances.” He was the director of the musical spectacle, “Slowa.” A passionate musician and writer, Gabriel’s trademark is combining modern pop art tendencies with classical inspiration.

Damian Ratajczak avatar

Damian Ratajczak

Production Manager

Damian Ratajczak is a tech entrepreneur with a flair for sales, communication and innovation. As the CEO of, he helped the medical education company reach over 10,000 students worldwide, and oversaw the creation of their state of the art desktop quiz platform and mobile app. In his capacity of CEO of SOWA marketing, he is in charge of the business side of No Second Chances, including arranging the production schedule, the hiring and facilitation of talent, and for leading the project from conception to execution.

Joseph Christiansson

Project Manager

Joseph Christiansson is driven innovator and business analyst who is currently studying a Bachelor of Science at Poznan University of Economics. Originally from Zimbabwe, Joseph is fluent in three languages (English, German and Shona) and is a certified English teacher. Passionate about innovation, technology and sustainable business, Joseph brings energy and purpose to the team at SOWA Marketing and the production of No Second Chances.

Nathan Thomas

Script Consultant

Nathan J Thomas is a ghostwriter whose work for clients has appeared in Forbes, The Huffington Post and Harvard Business Review. He has ghostwritten several books, including one published by a major “Top 5” publishing house. His previous filmwork includes contributions to the Hollywood produced documentary LEAP (2018) which holds and 8.6/10 rating on IMDB and was selected for multiple film festivals in the United States and Europe. 

Kaja Konieczna avatar

Kaja Konieczna

Executive Assistant

Kaja Konieczna studied Mechanical Engineering and Machine Building at Wrocław University of Technology. For several years she lived in Edinburgh, Scotland, working in positions related to management and customer service. In her capacity with No Second Chances, Kaja ensures that this vastly complicated organisation runs like clockwork. She manages the “larger than life” existence of producer J. T. Madicus, and ensures that all practical arrangements are always made in advance and that everyone gets to where they need to be.


Production Company / Animators

8image are an established Polish production company who specialize in complete full-stack production of commercial films. With an extensive portfolio covering animation, graphic design and film production, they bring expertise and professionalism to No Second Chances that will result in a polished pilot film with gripping cinematography and Hollywood style finish.


Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Composer

Jhana began to experiment with music at the age of 15, at first as a percussionist before she discovered her voice and started to sing accompanied by a guitar. At the age of 18 she began beatboxing and in 2009 won “National Best Show” at the international Beat-box Battle in Salamanca. In 2010, Jhana began combining voice, guitar and beatbox in real time using a Loop Station, and that’s how Electrorganic Sound (Sonido Electrorgánico) was born.



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