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No Second Chances is On The Cusp of Completion!

No Second Chances is On The Cusp of Completion!

Hard to believe it’s been over a year since the first scenes from No Second Chances were filmed in Poland!


A huge undertaking involving over 100 extras, a talented cast and an amazing crew, this turned out to be just the start of a long journey which, is, finally, approaching its destination.


No Second Chances is On The Cusp of Completion!


The footage in Poland was followed up at the start of this year with a second round of filming in Los Angeles, completed just before Covid-19 forced the closure of the film industry for several months.


But we have not been sitting on our hands. Behind the scenes, post-production has been moving forward. Sequences have been edited, chopped, changed, and rearranged to find the most optimal and compelling way to tell our story and realize our creative vision.


And while we haven’t been filming, this doesn’t mean we haven’t been recording. Voice-overs have been added in strategic moments, including some internal monologues from the lead character, Dr. Tseng, providing an intimate glimpse into the mind of this highly complex and polarizing medical genius.




Right now, our producer, J. T. Madicus, and creative teams are putting the final tweaks on a few complex and artistically layered scenes. The moment this is complete and the film settles into its final, realized form, we’ll be able to set the release date and put No Second Chances out into the world. 


Keep your eyes peeled – we’re almost there!



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